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Lilium Pictures

Branding and identity for Lilium Pictures, a video production company based out of Conshohocken, PA. The primary theme of Lilium Pictures work relates to outdoor adventures and telling stories associated with them. Some of these include documenting the rugged discipline and dedication of botanists conducting field research in remote areas of the world.

In developing the logo, we pursued two directions based on the company’s background. One referenced several species of flowers which we integrated into the letterforms. The second took us in a more abstract direction which attempted to merge the themes of film + botany. In the end, we chose the LP letterform with an illustration of a plant similar to Lilium iridollae. This plant was chosen for its historical significance and compelling story of discovery by Mary Gibson Henry, a pioneering botanist in the early 20th century. Her legacy and intrepid spirit was an inspiration in the founding of Lilium Pictures.

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