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Elysian Technology

Information technology has been under rapid and transformative change over the last decade. New and innovative technologies have put added pressure on IT organizations requiring them to seek new solutions that help them maintain a competitive advantage. Elysian Technology was founded on the idea of helping businesses alleviate this burden by offering custom designed solutions. This is achieved by combining the best of existing practices with emerging technologies.

Elysian Technology (ET) contracted Caption to develop an identity system that was adaptable across different environments and conveyed the company’s vision. The process began by discussing the company’s mission in order to find key-words that could inform the visual language. Working closely with the ET team, we landed on a clean, balanced logo that incorporates a stylized lower-case i. This letterform references a computer server rack and the LED indicators often found on computer hardware. A lower-case setting of the logotype was chosen to further communicate a friendly and personal tone, all characteristics within the ethos of Elysian Technology.

Our goal in building an identity for a new company was to communicate a sense of organization and sophistication that was on par with established IT enterprises. A key element in conveying this message was constructing a presence that worked across a myriad of mediums and devices.

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